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RMA Policy

There are three situations of returns existing in ACQU Group:

01. Commercial returns
A confirmed purchase is considered binding to the buyer and cannot be reversed. ACQU Group has no obligation to accept returns. Products delivered according to an agreement shall be returned and reimbursed only where ACQU Group has beforehand in writing expressly approved the return. In such cases product can be returned and reimbursed only where it is in its original packaging and in original condition prior to delivery to the buyer. 

02. Returns with defects caused in deliveries
In case a return is necessary due to ACQU Group's actions, ACQU Group shall bear the costs for the freight of the return delivery. In such a case, only use of the same transporter as used when the products were originally delivered to the buyer can be accepted. ACQU Group shall be responsible for ordering the delivery.

03. Returns under warranty
Returns under warranty shall in all events be accompanied by a defect report. 

All returns shall be agreed with ACQU Group beforehand in writing. Returns shall be accompanied with an explanation of the defect and the contact information of authorization for the return of products in ACQU Group.

Returns shall be delivered to the ACQU Group's office in USA or Taiwan. Customers shall take care of the freight costs and choose the channels of the delivery to ACQU Group which was confirmed beforehand.

We recommend using the same transporter by which Products were originally delivered to you. Upon receiving confirmation of ACQU Group about the returned Products, the returns are just confirmed and completed. In case of dispute, customers should provide evidence of ACQU Group receiving the products, for example, a copy of a signed consignment note.

Repair Policy

If the product is broken or damaged, caused by customer or by an act of God, the appropriate inspection fee is necessary. This includes products which are past their warranty period. However, if the product was used under normal and appropriate circumstances and is found to be defective, then inspection and repair fees will not be charged.

The inspection fee of US$100.00 will be quoted for each repair requirement before ACQU issues any out-of-warranty RMA number to a customer.

ACQU reserves the right to repair or replace at our discretion. If a repair cannot be performed  or a replacement cannot be found, as may be the case with obsolete products, reasonable efforts will be made to find a suitable equivalent for replacement.

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