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Acqutek's role in the industrial computer business goes way back to the days when RAM was measured in Kilobytes, when you could pay US$5,000 to "repair a 10 Mb hard disk" and very few people were happy to have a "mouse" on their desk.

In a rapidly advancing industry flooded with new products and technologies, not everybody has been fast enough or sufficiently informed to take advantage of the latest as it unfolds. And for those who tried there were plenty of pitfalls, such as Steve Jobs' first big customer who, after taking delivery of the first order, was shocked to find out that a "computer" did not necessarily include a monitor.

Thus there has always been a necessity for people who could give insightful and impartial technical advice, who could design a system with function and efficiency in mind, in the best interests of the customer, and for a cost far below the profit to be made from their advice.

This is where Acqutek comes in - we have always been there helping the business world to not only make sense of it all, but also to make the most of the opportunities that exist. The company's founder "J.J." Chen, as he was affectionately known to friends and associates, spent his first years literally run off his feet criss-crossing the globe, helping various companies large and small install new systems and resolve technical issues. Out of necessity he had to create a team to handle the traffic, and in 1991 the company was formed in Taipei, Taiwan, with a U.S. sales office established in the following year.

With more than thirty years in the game, we have built up an enviable working relationship, not only with our customers and partners around the globe, but also with a multitude of manufacturers and other suppliers. Technical problems that may look insurmountable from the other side of the world, might only require that one of our engineers take a short trip across Taipei to get the needed product and get it to the courier the same day.

We can honestly say that our close familiarity with the field of industrial computing over a long span of time, its diverse developments and its players, gives us an edge and an ability to give service that is hard to beat.

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