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Witness the Excellence of IEI 3.5'' SBC at E&A 2023!

27 Sept, 2023

Visit our customer's booth 7D007 at Electronics & Applications 2023 in Utrecht, Netherlands, to explore the WAFER-TGL featuring 11th Gen Intel® Core™ U-series processors.

Engineered with smart manufacturing features and proven durability, it's your go-to solution for space-constrained installations, perfect for AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots), and small factory cabinets. With complete I/O interfaces, including three 2.5 GbE LAN ports for motion control and IP cameras, an M.2 B-key slot with SIM support for LTE cellular communication, and USB 3.2 Gen 2 and serial ports for seamless sensor integration, it's the future-ready choice.

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Introducing the APC-2138: Avalue’s Latest Multi-Function Touch Panel PC Revolutionizes Retail and Semi-Industrial Applications

28 Sept, 2023

Avalue Technology is proud to announce the launch of the APC-2138, a state-of-the-art multifunction touch panel PC designed to meet the dynamic demands of the retail and semi-industrial sectors. The APC-2138 is tailored for a wide range of applications including hospitality workstation, interactive point of interest (POI) and kitchen display.

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Empowering AOI: Cincoze DS-1400 Embedded Computer SeriesEmpowering AOI: Cincoze DS-1400 Embedded Computer Series

28 Sept, 2023

Outstanding quality control is at the heart of manufacturing. Thanks to the rapid development of smart factories and AI technologies, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) is gradually replacing traditional manual inspection due to its higher efficiency, greater precision, and non-contact inspection. The core of AOI relies on high-intensity real-time computing and machine learning, which relies on the combined computing power of a CPU and a GPU. Rugged computing brand — Cincoze, recently released the latest addition to the Rugged Computing - DIAMOND product line, the high-performance and PCIe expansion embedded computer (DS-1400 Series). Not only does it come equipped with a super high-performance CPU, but it also supports GPU cards via PCIe interfaces. Since its launch, it has become a focal point in the AOI field and is an ideal choice for edge AI computer. Read more ...

AEWIN SCB-1945 Performant 1U Network Appliance Powered by AMD Siena

2 Oct, 2023

AEWIN is glad to announce the latest high-performance model, SCB-1945, powered by the latest AMD Zen 4c EPYC 8004 CPUs (Siena). AEWIN SCB-1945 is a single-socket network appliance powered by AMD Siena CPUs with up to 64 cores and 225W TDP, supporting 4x PCIe 5.0 x8 slots for AEWIN self-design NICs with wide range of 1-100G copper/fiber interfaces with/without bypass function or other accelerators and PCIe 5.0 x16 slot. The SCB-1945 provides the flexibility to change the 2x PCIe slots to 1x PCIe x16 slot for standard PCIe form factor which can install off-the-shelf add-on card for additional functions required. It can support 400G NIC card installed such as Nvidia Mellanox PCIe 5.0 NIC.

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r2wxtyAAEON Unveils UP Squared i12 Edge: A Compact Powerhouse for Industrial Automation

3 Oct, 2023

AAEON’s UP brand, renowned for its extensive selection of developer boards and compact Mini PCs, is thrilled to announce the launch of the UP Squared i12 Edge. This Mini PC, the smallest in AAEON's lineup to host 12th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors, measures just 130mm x 94mm x 68mm. It has been designed as a compact and easily deployable system specifically tailored for industrial automation applications, such as AGV and IoT Gateway.

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mBOX600Overhauling Medical Technology: Introducing the Medical Grade mBOX600 Platform with Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

4 Oct, 2023
Axiomtek is pleased to introduce the mBOX600, an IEC 60601-1 compliant medical-grade edge AI computing system that allows medical providers to introduce artificial intelligence to realize smart healthcare solutions and more precise diagnosis. It not only supports a 4K UHD triple display but also a PCIe x16 slot, users can install a GPU card to achieve higher performance.

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Neousys Launches One of Industry’s First Core i Ultra-compact Fanless Embedded Computers, POC-700 Series!Neousys Launches One of Industry’s First Core i Ultra-compact Fanless Embedded Computers, POC-700 Series!

6 Oct, 2023

POC-700 series is an industry next-generation ultra-compact embedded computer that harnesses the power of Intel® Alder Lake i3-N305 or Atom x7425E processors in ultra-compact dimensions. With up to 32EUs UHD Graphics, offering up to 8 cores / 8 threads while consuming as low as 12W of power, this computing power positions POC-700 as an ideal entry-level AI application platform, capable of supporting Intel® OpenVINO™ inference capabilities.

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Neu-X102 The Great Value Retail Solution with Enhanced Performance, Superior Graphics, and High-Speed Data TransferNeu-X102 The Great Value Retail Solution with Enhanced Performance, Superior Graphics, and High-Speed Data Transfer

11 Oct, 2023

In today's retail industry, advanced technology is being adopted to manage demanding tasks such as interactive displays, transaction processing, consumer portrait data collection, and AI facial recognition-driven advertisement targeting The Neu-X102 series, featuring Intel® processors N50 and N97 (Alder Lake-N), proves to be an excellent choice for retail applications. Its enhanced computing capabilities, energy efficiency, support for multiple displays, rapid Ethernet speed connectivity, and compatibility with LTE and Wi-Fi6/6E all work together to improve content change efficiency and enhance the customer experience through more effective promotion programs after analyzing big data. As a result, it becomes easier to increase revenue by enhancing overall operational effectiveness in the retail environment.

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