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Axiomtek Introduces New Industrial Edge Computer Powered by 13th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor – IPC960A

16 Oct, 2023
Axiomtek is proud to introduce the IPC960A, its new industrial edge system featuring extension I/O modules. The highly expandable edge computer is powered by the 13th/12th gen Intel® Core™ processor with the Intel® H610E/Q670E chipset. Certified to EN 61000-6-2 regulations, the IPC960A offers a durable design, longevity of product life cycle, and high immunity for heavy-loading industrial environments. With fast and flexible deployment capabilities, this highly adaptable industrial computer can quickly and efficiently respond to changes or new circumstances for diverse applications in AI, vision inspection, objective classification, and factory automation.  Read more ...

Getac Launches 5G Rugged Devices for Defence, First Response and Resources Frontline

16 Oct, 2023
Taiwanese multinational technology company Getac Technology Corporation has launched 5G rugged devices for defence, first respondence, and resources industry organisations in Australia and New Zealand.
Getac’s 5G rugged devices designed for frontline operations include a V110 fully rugged laptop, S410 semi-rugged laptop, F110 fully rugged tablet, and UX10 fully rugged tablet with rapid 5G connectivity, resilience, processing, visibility, and speed in challenging field environments.
The V110 fully rugged laptop offers uninterrupted low latency streaming in both urban jungles and remote terrains, the S410 semi-rugged laptop provides performance with hot-swappable batteries, and the UX10 fully rugged tablet is designed for medical professionals with protection against dust, water, and disinfectant spray for reliability in challenging medical environments.

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Introducing AEWIN High-Performance BAS-6101 Series Server Platform, Powered by AMD Bergamo/Genoa/Genoa-X

17 Oct, 2023
AEWIN is excited to introduce its BAS-6101 Series Server Platform, now featuring the latest AMD Zen 4c Bergamo CPUs (EPYC 97×4), Zen 4 Genoa (EPYC 9004), as well as Genoa-X CPUs with 3D V-Cache technology. BAS-6101 now supports AMD Bergamo CPUs with Zen 4c architecture which have up to 128 cores (~100% increased) and 400W TDP (~28% increased) to enable the extreme computing power pursued in the market. This Genoa-X CPU dramatically increases the performance of technical computing applications where frequent memory access is required, such as in FEA, CFD, and EDA applications.  Read more ...

LP-2841MLP-2841M - Linux Based PAC with Cortex-A53 CPU and 2 LAN Ports

18 Oct, 2023
The LP-2841M is equipped with a Cortex-A53 (1.6 GHz, quad-core) CPU running a Linux operating system (Linux Kernel 5.4.70), a variety of input/output ports (VGA, USB, Ethernet, RS-232/485), and powerful software including development tools.
Main advantage of the LP-2841M is its high quality control system, including its stability, small core size, optional I/O expansion board, support for Web services (Web/SFTP/SSH server.

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AAEON Release the BOXER-8652AI, Powered by NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX

19 Oct, 2023
AAEON today introduced the BOXER-8652AI, a Compact Fanless Embedded AI System powered by the NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™ NX system-on-module.
The BOXER-8652AI leverages the capabilities of the NVIDIA Jetson™ platform in an expertly designed system equipped with a plethora of features conducive to deployment in the smart retail market. These include dual LAN, DB-9 and DB-15 ports for CANBus, DIO and RS-232/422/485 communication interfaces, as well as two USB 3.2 Gen 2 and two USB 2.0 Type-A ports.   Read more ...

Advantech ARK Series Robotic Arm Controller Solutions Streamline Real-Time Operations and Enhance Productivity

19 Oct, 2023
Advantech, a leading provider of AIoT platforms and services, has released a domain-focused package of robotic arm controllers — the ARK-1221L, ARK-1250L, and ARK-3534D. These controllers, part of the ARK series, offer outstanding performance, a compact form factor, real-time capabilities, support for industry-standard protocols, and advanced analytics. They are tailored to address the demands of the rapidly expanding robotic arm market. By using these controllers, businesses can streamline their operations, boost productivity, and gain a competitive edge in the industrial and automation sectors.  Read more ...

Gear up Smart Parking Efficiency and Connectivity with NDiS B561-PoEGear up Smart Parking Efficiency and Connectivity with NDiS B561-PoE

19 Oct, 2023
Smart parking solutions enhance parking space utilization by guiding users to the nearest available parking spot. It offers citizens greater convenience, eases parking and reduces road congestion. This is achieved through sensors in parking lots that monitor occupancy and relay this data to users via mobile apps and overhead display boards.

NEXCOM has announced NDiS B561-PoE fanless visual edge computer, powered by the 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processor series and Intel® 600 series chipset integrated Intel® UHD Graphics 770 graphics controller, can handle powerful multimedia content. To fully satisfy customers’ expectations, there are three 4K2K independent display outputs or up to 8K@60Hz in one display output and rich connectives including 8 x USB 3.2, 3 x LAN ports (including 2 x PoE ports), Wi-Fi 6E and 4G, 5G support. Besides smart parking, the NDiS B561-PoE can also be used for outdoor applications such as QSR, bus station and even smart stadium.

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20 Oct, 2023
 The LV-6715R Mini-ITX is designed for the 13th generation Intel® Raptor Lake H Processor - Core™ i7-13800HE, Core i7-13800HE has 24MB cache up to 5.0 GHz, Intel's processor supports DDR5 memory.
The highest officially supported memory speed is 4800 MHz. LV-6715R7 features two DDR5-4800 SO-DIMM slot for up to 64GB of memory.
LV-6715R Intel Raptor Lake-H Features up to 14 cores/20 threads, with Intel® Iris Xe Graphics up to 96 graphics EUs for enable high- performing AI acceleration and visuals across IoT deployments.

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