Acqutek Corporation, Inc. specializes in building industrial computer systems including single board computers, embedded computers, CPU boards, backplanes, industrial chassis, industrial power supplies, virtual disk drives, digital I/O cards, isolated I/O cards, A/D cards, D/A cards, data acquisition cards and many other items.
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CPU Cards & Embedded Computers
Backplane Boards
Industrial Chassis
Industrial Power Supplies
Virtual Disk Cards / Drivers
A/D D/A and Digital I/O Cards
Isolated I/O Boards
Communication Products
PEAK-765 - Socket 775 P4 CPU card
PEAK-715 - Socket 478 P4 CPU card
ROCKY-4786 - Socket 478 P4 CPU card
ROCKY-3702EV - Socket 370 P3 CPU card
IOWA-GX - AMD Geode GX CPU card
AR-B1672 - VIA Eden 800MHz CPU card
ROCKY-318 - 386SX CPU Card
PK-55160A - Remote terminal (VT-100 Terminal)

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Last Update : November 2014